Unlock the Science of Persuasion in Your Content Marketing

scienceWhile content marketing is a great way to keep consumers engaged and increase exposure online, it’s important to remember the ultimate goal: to create business conversions. In order to do this, we must be able to pursuade consumers to follow a simple call-to-action. Sound difficult? Don’t worry – there’s a science behind the art of persuasion, and we’re here to help you discover it!

The Science of Persuading Consumers

A content strategy is as focused on creating sales as it is on publishing regular, quality content. The science of persuasion is so finely related to content marketing that you’ll find that many of these tips probably naturally appear in your content already. Want to master the art of persuasion in content creation? Then incorporate these tips.

  1. Be consistent. Whether it’s regularly posting blogs or quickly replying to customer service emails, you want to be consistent in all your services. Consistency not only builds trust, but ensures that customers know that they can count on you for service whenever they need it.
  2. Social influences. People prefer jumping on the bandwagon to pulling it. Thus, it’s important to give your brand social validation with a strong social media presence that utilizes all the followers, customers, and fans that your brand has to offer. This shows potential customers that there’s strong interest in your brand, and that other people find the quality and content equally impressive.
  3. Likeability. People are more likely to listen to a sales pitch or conduct business with you if they like you. This is why it’s so crucial to make people “feel” something as they read your online content.
  4. Authority. This answers the question of why people should listen to you. How long have you been working in your career? What makes you an expert people should listen to over everyone else? When you can easily and shamelessly answer these questions, you’ll be able to deal with persuading potential consumers.
  5. Scarcity. Remember to avoid overwhelming the market with too much content. Sometimes it’s just best to let things unfold and not worry about various stress levels. By publishing on a schedule or only when you have something worth saying, you can ensure that scarcity is naturally implemented into the content marketing efforts.

How does your business persuade customers to convert, or coax them down the sales funnel?

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