A Sears Coalition Teams Up to Stop Bullying

Sears bagBullying has been a hot topic in the education world in recent years. With causes like The Bully Project as well as corporate efforts to end bullying, the topic is coming into the limelight yet again as kids are now back to school. Let’s zoom in on one marketing effort to end bullying this back to school season: Sears’s Team Up to Stop Bullying campaign.

In May, The Humanity Project published a blog post in appreciation of the financial support that the organization had received from Sears and will continue to receive moving forward. Organizations like The Humanity Project, the It Gets Better Project, and many others have joined an enormous coalition. Sears provides the funds for programs like these, and in turn these organizations provide resources and advice.

Product Promotions for a Good Cause

Sears has a number of offers for its anti-bullying campaign. In September, customers could purchase a denim drawstring bag with the Team Up to Stop Bullying logo. At $5, $1 of each bag purchase went toward Sears’s sponsored anti-bullying organizations. An enormous variety of jeans and denim styles both online and in stores also ensure that they are representing the cause.

It’s not just about the products, though. Sears’s Team Up to Stop Bullying website actually offers resources for students, parents, educators, and even for victims of cyber-bullying. Additionally, the homepage for their campaign has a hotline prominently displayed for anyone who needs help.

Lessons From Sears

Consumers are known for wanting to put their money toward products with a moral spin on them. For Sears and similar companies, this means the right combination of products – as simple as a logoed bag that makes a statement – and distributing ways to help local communities with free back to school anti-bullying kits. Sears even has a sweepstakes for a pair of Kardashian-decorated and -signed jeans, which is free to enter. The catch is that Sears will donate $1 to Team Up to Stop Bullying for each entrant into the sweepstakes.

Helping out your community as a smaller business does not mean it’s necessary to go all out with a multi-organization campaign. Nevertheless, offering deals on products that are related to certain causes or making it known that your business supports a campaign like this one really show how much you care, and customers will likely respond well.

Does your business support any cause or organization?

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