Why You Should Couple Your SEO With a Writing Agency

seo writingWith constant changes coming from Google about what is and isn’t considered SEO-kosher, SEO agencies have their work cut out for them. Meeting clients’ high expectations while keeping in Google’s good graces is work enough. Of course, there’s one other thing… the actual writing. If your SEO agency is swamped with work, why not partner with a writing service? A professional writing agency can lighten your load and make you look better. Here are a few ways…

Target Audiences. Not Keywords.

Writing agencies know how to target audiences in addition to targeting keywords. The other day, I was writing a blog post for a client about the use of role-play in training. The client needed information about role-play in the business world.

But if all you pay attention to are keywords, then you could end up attracting World of Warcraft fans, sex fetishists, pre-school teachers, and everyone in between. It’s not just about the keywords that you use; it’s about how you use the keywords and the context that surrounds them!

Humans, Machines, Humans, Machines…

Many SEO agencies are so focused on their keywords that they write for search engines exclusively. This is a bad practice. Yes, search engines are important. However, it’s just as important – if not more important – to write for real people. After all, search engines don’t buy stuff from you, no matter how high you rank.

A good writing service can help your SEO agency write for both the humans and the machines. Have specific keyword density requirements or long tail keywords? Let your writing agency know, and they’ll integrate them seamlessly!

Creative Ideas. And Repeat.

Most SEO professionals aren’t writers. And that’s okay. Pitching creative blog posts, doing the research, and then writing posts that are interesting – and SEO optimized – is hard work. If you feel rather exhausted after doing it once, imagine how you’ll feel after doing it for the 11th or 12th time.

I have one client that I have written 400+ blog posts for: ten posts per week for ten months. Each one of these posts must be conceptually unique, interesting, SEO optimized, and almost always contains an element of research. It’s not easy. If you don’t feel up to the task, pass it off to a writing agency instead!

Does your SEO agency use a writing service? Why or why not?


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