SEO Tactics for the New YouTube

The New Youtube requires new SEO techniquesYouTube’s new site creates a much greater focus on social features of the site, with emphasis on user subscriptions and playlist-sharing. YouTube is a very powerful marketing tool for brands and businesses. Surveys have revealed that companies who incorporate marketing videos onto their websites are 53 times more likely to top their SERP’s.

With many undeniable benefits of YouTube Marketing, it’s incredibly important for businesses to understand and create a strong YouTube SEO strategy to maximize their marketing efforts. One of the big changes in YouTube SEO from the site’s recent major update is that much more weight is now given to users or channel. Similar to how popular and trusted blogs rank highly in search results, users and channels that draw a lot of subscriptions and likes receive much greater SEO benefits.

These tips and strategies can help your business get the best results from its YouTube marketing efforts. Considering the social search aspects of YouTube SEO, it is important to pursue both traditional and social SEO tactics.

Creating a Title and Description

The title of your video should be simple and straightforward and it needs to contain your video’s most relevant keywords. This will make your video much easier to find for users.

It’s also a good idea to name the uploaded video file itself with the same title, as this establishes another citation of your keywords for your video.

You can also include your video’s http:// link in your description to create yet another citation for your video and its keywords.

Create Inbound Links and Embeds

Use multiple social media outlets to link and share your video. Not only does this help your video get more plays, likes, and subscriptions through your social media networks, it establishes many more address and keyword citations around the web. This can greatly improve your video’s SEO performance.

Keywords and Tags

It’s important to build strong keywords and tags for your video. Tags on YouTube make it easier for users to find your video through similar videos. Keywords similarly make it easier for users to find your video through organic searches. You can research which keywords similar popular videos use to help determine the most effective keywords and tags for your video.

Build Video Popularity and Views

YouTube’s search has moved more towards user and channel popularity over individual video popularity. You can get more views, likes, and subscriptions by establishing strong SEO and promoting your video through social media, or you can try to have your video posted under a more popular channel so that it will rank better.

Build Comments

Building a lot of comments during the first few hours can have big and almost-immediate SEO benefits for your video. Make sure to promote your video vigilantly immediately after posting!

Closed Captions

By embedding closed captions in your video, you can create yet another place for your videos keyword citations. Similarly, you can add your video’s script in its description.

Build Playlists

Building playlists under your company’s YouTube channel can greatly increase your video’s visibility. Similar videos in playlists show up in YouTube’s video recommendations. Videos on popular playlists receive even more SEO visibility, so make sure to share and promote playlists you create.

Establish your YouTube Channel

A well established YouTube channel receives many great SEO benefits. It’s not as much about plays and likes that a videos receives – YouTube channels should be updated regularly with new content for best SEO results.

It’s also important to build your channel’s likes and subscriptions. You can encourage this by establishing a call-to-action to video viewers to like and subscribe to your channel.

Post HD Video

HD videos rank over SD videos on YouTube. Not only are they preferred in search results, HD videos create an extra citation with both HD and SD versions.

Get the most out of your YouTube Marketing

Implementing good SEO strategy on your business’ YouTube marketing efforts can make a huge difference in your video search rankings. YouTube is a very powerful marketing tool for businesses that can really help improve your visibility.

How has YouTube marketing affected your business?


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