The Best Tips For Using SEO on a Small Business Budget

seo on a budgetFor many small businesses, there simply isn’t money in the budget for an extensive SEO campaign. Consequently, the small business suffers from lack of online promotion as its big business competitors invest endless resources into gaining an online following. Let’s examine some practical techniques that small businesses can employ as they are trying to implement SEO techniques on their own.

Audit Yourself

There are a number of free tools that can help you to analyze the SEO of your site. Take advantage of these so that you can identify any problem spots before you get hit with a Panda penalty. As you examine various aspects of your site, you can begin to correct issues, such as too many H1 tags or inconsistencies. A great free resource for performing on-site analysis on your own is Traffic Travis.

Get Optimized

Even if you don’t have the money to hire a professional SEO, there are plenty of basic SEO tasks that any small business can incorporate into its website. For instance, once you have performed an on-site analysis, you can optimize your titles and headings by inserting keywords.

Speaking of keywords, keyword research is a fundamental principle of any SEO campaign.  Using the free Google Adwords External Keyword Research Tool, you can identify which keywords will gain you recognition in the rankings. Don’t succumb to the tendency to overstuff your content with keywords, because Google will likely decide that your site is spam.

One last comment about keywords: consider targeting keywords that have low rates of competition. If you have fewer competitors, you are more likely to rank highly on the SERPs.

Build Links

Many link-building opportunities require more time than money, which makes link building a prime tool for marketing campaigns on a budget. For instance, writing a guest post for another site may require the time and effort of developing high quality content, but then you can automatically create a legitimate backlink. Another strategy might be to produce content that can be shared on social media, such as a clever infographic or an entertaining video.

Engage Customers

Above all, small businesses must come up with innovative ways to interact with their customers so that the company seems relevant and exciting. Social media is a great place to connect with potential clients, but make sure your profiles and pages look professional and are updated regularly. Implement marketing strategies that encourage consumers to enter into conversation with you and share your posts.

Another excellent way for small businesses to increase online involvement is to produce regular blog posts. Focus on the needs of the consumer, and you will have a never-ending source of inspiration for useful blogs.

Improve Your Content

Optimizing your content is certainly an important element of a strong SEO campaign, but presenting high quality content is even more crucial. Your small business was founded for a reason, so show your customers what makes you special and different in your field and discuss topics that you have mastered. Use your content to tell a story that ends with a call to action.

Get Help

In certain cases, you will find it necessary to invest some money in hiring professionals to take care of your online presence. If you must spend money, be sure to target the specific area you want to fix. For instance, if you want to move up in the search rankings, you will need a professional SEO. But if the appearance of your website is your primary problem, search out an expert web designer instead. If you are struggling to develop awesome content, get help from a content writing service.

How do you manage SEO for your small business? Do you have any tips to add in the Comments section below?

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