New Trends in Smartphone Use That Can Boost Your Sales

Mobile Advertising will increase in 2013 Designing an ad campaign based on the specific ways that smartphone users interact with their devices can be hugely successful. Want more information? This article will discuss a few of the ways that targeting the smartphone user demographic can boost your sales.

Mobile Sales Are Up

In the wake of this past year’s Cyber Monday, the National Retail Federation reported that mobile sales had increased a whopping 96% over the course of the previous year, and that Cyber Monday events themselves had seen a 30% growth in purchases made from mobile devices.

While tablet users are largely leading the way in money spent through online and app purchases, smartphone users are by no means pinching their pennies. Last year, Mashable reported that 64% of smartphone users shop online from their phones, and that number is sure to increase as smartphones continue to increase their hold over the cell phone market share, and as users more fully integrate their devices into their lives. Speaking of that…

More Smartphone Usage Planned This Year

Last week, MarketingCharts reported on a late December study by Prosper Mobile Insights that asked mobile users about their plans for device usage in 2013. The researchers found that 33.7% of smartphone owners said that they planned to use their device more this year than they had in 2012, in comparison to the less-than-six percent who said they would decrease their device usage.

Even better news for retailers and other businesses: the Prosper Mobile Insights study found that 23.6% of mobile users plan on doing more online shopping from their mobile device this year, versus 13% who intend to spend less. All of this, of course, means that smartphone users are even more likely to give you a high ROI when it comes to your digital ad spending than they did last year.

In-Store “Showrooming” Becoming Widespread

Perhaps the biggest trend in smartphone usage that can bring in sales this year is the increase in “showrooming,” or using a smartphone to find out more information about a product and competing retailers while shopping in-store. Econsultancy reported that 85% of the smartphone users surveyed in a study by JiWire said that they price-checked a product in store using their device, or looked up information about a competitor’s product.

This is a huge opportunity for businesses to use push ads and location-based prompts to look up information about their product. Two early 2013 studies have already found some striking information about how smartphone users would like to optimize their in-store shopping experience with more information.

According to Moosylvania, 80% of smartphone users want more information to be available to them while they’re in stores – and they want it to be optimized for their mobile device. Furthermore, Motorola found out that almost 50% of in-store shoppers consider themselves to be more well informed about products than individuals who work in the store. Businesses might take this to mean that shoppers are more likely to turn to their smartphone for information than a sales associate.

Digital Ad Spending Skyrocketing

And finally, a trend that is more of a word of caution for those who aren’t optimizing their ads for smartphones. Just last week, comScore compiled some recent statistics on digital ad spending, and the information they found on mobile ad spending may spur you into action if it hasn’t been a priority for your company.

According to comScore, businesses today are spending a full 92% more on mobile ad production than they were at the beginning of 2012. With increases in mobile usage and sales, as well as trends in the in-store usage of smartphones, you don’t want to be left behind as your competitors increase their mobile ad budgets. Given the outlook on mobile spending for the next year, now, rather than later, is the time to think about integrating smartphone-optimized ad campaigns into your marketing strategy.

What have you done to cater to smartphone users? Will your mobile ad spend be increasing?


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