The Social Good Summit: How Does Social Media Do Good in Society?

Social Good Summit 2013In previous posts, I’ve talked about the many ways in which social media can do good in the world. One way that leaders in technology are coming together for social good is through the Social Good Summit. This year, the 4th annual Social Good Summit will be held on Sept. 22nd – Sept. 24th in New York. Through this conference, innovators in the field of technology and the digital world can come together to talk about how technology can be used for social good.

What is the Social Good Summit?

Sponsored by Mashable, the United Nations Foundation, the 92nd Street Y, The U.N. Development Programme, Ericcson, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Social Good Summit seeks to unite leaders in technology to create a better world for the future. The theme of the 2013 summit is #2030NOW, which refers to the general goal of discussing a vision for 2030 and determining how to start right now. Participants in the summit will be focusing on one key question that support the goals of the UN: “Will the solutions we are creating in today’s digital world truly have a lasting impact on our future, and how are we paving the way for the next generation of innovation?”

The Social Good Summit will be held at the 92nd Street Y, and it is scheduled to occur at the same time as the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly. In addition, the Social Good Summit happens not only in New York, but also across the globe. This will take place through community organized online or in-person meetings. Anyone can schedule a global meet up at

Who’s Going?

A wide range of speakers and participants will be attending the Social Good Summit, and many of them have yet to be announced. Two of the most recent announcements were Ramya Raghavan, who works at Google+ as the head of politics and causes, and Liba Rubenstein, who works as the director of outreach at Tumblr. Notable speakers for the Social Good Summit include Pete Cashmore of Mashable, Helen Clark of the UNDP, Sarah Kramer of The New York Times, Zeenat Rahman of the State Department, Dr. Jim Yong Kim of the World Bank, and more.

Furthermore, many participants in the Social Good Summit have joined together to launch a global community called +SocialGood. This community expands the goals of the Social Good Summit by further connecting global leaders and innovators in technology. Together, these key thinkers are working to use technology and social media to bring social change to the world.

Do you want to get involved in the Social Good Summit? Visit their website to learn more!

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