Roundup of Cool Social Media Buttons

Looking to add a custom touch to your blog? Even without a lot of design skill, you can easily customize your site by choosing a set of the custom social media buttons featured in this post. Simply choose the ones you like, download them to your computer, and upload them to your site. Here are ten to choose from:

1. PixieDustStudio: These free social media buttons come in six different colors and have options for Facebook, Instagram, email, Pinterest, RSS, and Twitter.

2. Web Designer Depot: This icon set contains 26 images that you can use to link to social sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

3. iBlogalicious: Bright, round, and colorful, these social media icons from iBlogalicious come in ten different colors and seven different images.

4. Lil Blue Boo: Over at Lil Blue Boo, you’ll find two different sets of social media icons, dubbed “the Scribble Set” and “the Sketchy Set.” Each of these free downloads offers six colorful images.

5. Verve and Sass: The free watercolor social profile icons from Verve and Sass come in two shades and two sizes, with eight icons in each.

6. Her New Leaf: The ten social media icons from Her New Leaf come in five different colors. Square shaped but with rounded corners, they are sized at 40 by 40 pixels.

7. I Rock So What: These free icons require a little customizing of your own, in that you need to cut out each icon you wish to use from the full image. They come in a wide range of colors, however, allowing you to customize your links as you like.

8. Besotted Blog: These sleek and classic round icons from Besotted have a parchment-colored background that works well on blogs with white backgrounds.

9. Carrie Loves: This set of 22 free social media icons comes in three different sizes and 34 different colors.

10. I Gotta Create: In this set of 16 free social media icon buttons at I Gotta Create, you get images that are 72 pixels round, with a transparent background. What’s more, the link includes instructions for resizing images and using them on your blog.

 Your Thoughts

So what do you think? Are you using custom social media icons on your blog? Why not? Choose the ones you like best from the above list, and implement them to give your site a fresh, custom look.

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