Social Media Content Writing – Outsourceable?

Writing content for social media marketing can seem like a tedious chore, at times.  It may even feel like a waste of time, often overlooked for something seemingly more important.  The truth is, however, that quality is the key to success through social media content writing.

If your content doesn’t have a kick or if it isn’t properly formatted, people won’t be encouraged to follow up with your site.  Quality content is the difference between a dud campaign and a campaign that stimulates conversions.  But, nevertheless, we understand that it can get tedious.  That is why we have compiled a list of four types of social media content writing that can be safely outsourced to content writing services.

1)      Tweets.  These are by far the most tedious to write, but compiling a long list of options ahead of time will save you loads of time in the future.  Packs of 365 tweets, for example, are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a year’s worth of tweets in one easy delivery.  With each tweet containing a unique piece of useful information, they greatly increase retweeting and will keep users engaged with your page.

2)      Facebook posts.  These are similar to tweets, but can contain much more detail and content than a tweet.  With more content it is important to provide quality, and outsourcing this type of social media content writing has proven successful to many businesses in the past.  With intriguing Facebook posts that encourage user interaction and involvement you are sure to see an increase in conversions.

3)      Social bookmarking notes.  This type of content has quickly revolutionized sharing as it allows internet users to share entire lists of bookmarks and web favorites.  You will want your website to be included in as many shares as possible, so your notes must be well-written and well-marketed.

4)      Business profiles.  As the first thing that viewers see, and the primary platform of interaction, your profile page is often the hub of your social media presence.  You must create a great profile to attract visitors and keep them on your page, which requires a compelling design and use of enticing images.  It also, however, requires engaging content that will speak to your audience.  Your profile makes a first impression, and you want that impression to be good.

Social media content writing is very important to internet success, and should be handled by those who are familiar with the platform.  Outsourcing content to foreign countries and expecting top results is no longer a reality, and modern success requires outsourcing to well-qualified, native English-speaking writers.  You may not wish to outsource all of your content, but the above types of social media content can be safely outsourced to save both time and money.

This post was written by Serena, one of our staff writers. If you would like Serena to write some of your blogs email us via [email protected] and we will hook you up!

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