Social Media’s Mobile Use Skyrocketing Past 2013 Predictions

social media dataAccording to a recent article on Business Insider, mobile social media trends are, er, trending upward at rates that put predictions to shame. The biggest beneficiaries of this global mobile upsurge have been mobile-first social media sites like WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat, but the news pertains to all social media, every one of which has shown movement toward mobile-first usage. (I had not heard of any of these three sites, but then again I am a dinosaur; also, to be fair, aside from WhatsApp, they are not nearly as popular in America as they are abroad, particularly in Asia.) No matter what, it’s time to sit up and take notice that mobile-first and mobile-only are here; they’re happening, and they’re happening faster than anyone really thought.

U.S. Mirroring Global Trends

Here in the U.S., the big three are still Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, at least according to one study. All three of these V8 Hemi-powered social media beasts have made big moves toward becoming mobile-first recently, despite the fact that two of them have recently fallen on their faces in one way or another. With alternative mobile-first and mobile-only social media outlets seeing massive traffic among the young and hip, the trends are unmistakable. It seems to be only a matter of time before all social interaction is taking place on a handheld piece of technology, possibly in a format that is designed for ephemerality, not permanence.

What Does it All Mean?

Mobile-first is where social media is headed, and at a rapid and unchecked clip. In order to take advantage of this, agencies will want to be positioned to offer mobile-friendly ads and services, easily accessible by users of mobile social media, and easily shared via their social media app of choice. In terms of the ephemerality of sites like Snapchat, it’s early in that game, and already the creators of the site are implementing things like a photo that lasts for 24 hours instead of the usual 10 seconds. In-app purchases may also prove important. What’s still more important is keeping your own content mobile-ready, mobile-friendly, and scalable, ready to pounce on whatever new development comes down the tube and ride it to success.

What are you doing to get your content ready for a mobile-first future?

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