A Social Media App For Your Pets? Meet Petigram

petigramIf you’re as attached to your pet as I am, you will be excited to hear that there is now a social media network for pets and the people who love them. Released by Petisphere, this network is called Petigram. Petigram is available both for iOS and as a desktop website. Designed for pet owners, Petigram allows users to upload photos of their pets, learn more about animal related topics, and connect with other users who love their pets just as much as they do. Not only is Petigram a fun new way to use social media, but it could also provide excellent advertising opportunities for pet related products, such as food, medications, toys, and veterinary services.

What is Petigram?

Petigram was developed by Petisphere, a company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The app allows users to either create a separate account or login using their Facebook or Twitter profile. Petigram combines the features of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can upload photos of your pets, add text, and edit them with filters, frames, and stickers. Users can also follow others, post on their walls, and leave comments on pictures.

Petigram also makes it simple to add information about your pet to a photo; this means that users receive credit when it is shared, which has been an issue on other platforms for photo sharing. This app is appealing to users because it is fun, lighthearted, and allows them to connect with others who share a common interest. Petigram is also separate from the more popular social networks, which allows users to avoid fearing that their employer or other professional contacts will see their activity.

New Advertising Opportunities

While Petigram does not yet appear to incorporate advertising, this app could be a gold mine for those advertising pet-related products. Marketers will be assured of the fact that they are reaching consumers who are interested in their products. They may also be able to better target ads for products specific to different animals based upon the pets that users own or talk about with others. Potential advertisers could include both retailers of pet food, medications, and other products as well as veterinarians, animal shelters, groomers, trainers, and others providing pet-related services.

Have you used Petigram? What apps hold advertising potential for your business?

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