Soma Creates Incredible Kickstarter Dashboard

Soma Creates Incredible Kickstarter DashboardWhat happens when you combine a water filter, a Kickstarter campaign, and a team shocked by success and overwhelming information? You get an impressive display of ingenuity and a new Chrome extension for anyone wanting to undertake a Kickstarter campaign. The new Kickstarter Status Board has recently become available for free to anyone who needs it.

The Story Behind Kickstarter Status Board

Seth Fiegerman of Mashable reports that the Kickstarter Status Board was born out of chaos. A company called Soma started a Kickstarter campaign early this month to raise money for a new water filter. Seth writes that “the campaign raised $50,000 in just 36 hours.”

Soma realized this was indeed a blessing and a curse right away. Co-founder Mike Del Ponte said, “We were being inundated with everything from tweets to Facebook posts to messages on Kickstarter.”

Soma hit the jackpot when it comes to crowdsourcing. Their project connected with people immediately, yet they had lost control of handling the information overload and encouraging more interaction. Another co-founder of the company took on the challenge and created the Kickstarter Status Board, a Chrome extension tool for Kickstarter campaigns to “track feedback on social networks, news stories about the project, web referrals and keep tabs on messages sent through Kickstarter.” All of this information is available in an easy-to-read-and-follow interface, in real time.

On Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a wonderful platform for organized and talented people to get the crowd-surfed funding they need to begin whatever dream or project they have. Recently, fellow CEM writer Ross has written an excellent guide on how to go about creating a successful Kickstarter campaign. (Don’t forget parts two and three.) Despite what many people initially think about Kickstarter, it is not an easy way to get money.

As Ross relates to his readers, Kickstarter requires a great deal of planning, organization, attention, and strategy to be effective. You and your team are going to work for this alternative and effective source of funding. Ross’s thorough posts are a great way to get informed about what’s necessary in a successful campaign, and you may want to add this important tool, the Kickstarter Status Board, to your tool belt whenever you embark on a Kickstarter campaign.

Looking Forward

This tool gives Kickstarter campaign founders a great deal of control over their projects. It looks as if it’s going to be a vital tool moving forward. Harnessing the power of multiple social networks, news stories, and Twitter in one easy-to-use place will help propel Kickstarter campaigns to even greater success.

Soma offering this dashboard for free is a prime example of the attitude and quality of projects on Kickstarter. These projects are about getting the support of the public to make them happen in an open and unrestrained manner. I think it’s great that they decided to offer this extension for free. One of the greatest challenges facing those of us who do business on the net is the vast amount of data and management that is required to get the most out of your content and successfully engage in social media. The Kickstarter dashboard is now another important tool we have to succeed.

What do you think about the Kickstarter Status Board?

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