Kickstarter Funded Soma Shares Success with Charity

soma kickstarterKickstarter projects are often fun to read about and watch as they head towards their fundraising goals. I’m not sure if you’re at all like me, but I often unintentionally forget about many of the interesting projects I find on Kickstarter. But back in December I wrote about Soma, a company redesigning the water filter. Soma has big news they announced just yesterday as they continue to grow.

Soma’s Success and Latest Announcement

In December of last year, I covered an awesome Chrome extension that the creators of Soma created to help them manage their Kickstarter campaign across platforms. The Kickstarter Status Board is a very useful extension and can help make reaching your Kickstarter fundraising goals a much more organized and easy-to-manage process. While that’s good information, it is old news. Time to get to the new.

After reaching its fundraising goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter, Soma has continued its work and dream of reaching more and more people with well-designed and quality water filters. I recently heard from Mike Del Ponte, Soma Co-founder and CEO. Just yesterday, Mike and the rest of Soma announced a partnership with Charity: water. Charity: water is a non-profit which helps to bring clean water to areas of the world in desperate need of safe drinking water.

Charity, Branding, and Helping Others

Mike wrote that “Soma customers have already become part of the solution. Every time a Soma water filter is purchased, we give clean drinking water to someone in need.” Of course, this is a charitable move by the company, but it also helps to improve the branding of their company.

For businesses and agencies looking to improve their own and their clients’ brands, partnering with charities is an excellent way to do good in the world and also help your business. The better you do the better the charity does, it’s win-win situation, and more importantly, the people in need win. Soma is taking things one step further and focusing on storytelling.

Partnering with Charity: water gives customers of Soma a chance to identify with a greater cause. It gives the Soma team a chance to give back to those in need and to help a cause close to their hearts. Ultimately though, success will be determined by how well Soma can tell this story and keep in touch with customers who are interested.

As Ariel Schwartz writes on Co.Exist, “Soma … wants to take its storytelling to a new, multisensory level.” The company has also teamed up with Justin Boreta, Swoon, and Amy Jo Martin to provide customers and followers updates on the charity work as the project moves along.

More of this Work Would Be Welcome

Soma isn’t some massive multinational corporation undertaking this work. However, they are a team of committed and innovative individuals who have demonstrated that doing good is not only the right thing to do, but it’s good for business, too. Running partnerships and campaigns like this is only getting easier and more accessible to smaller and smaller businesses with social media and the spread of the internet in many areas where charities are working.

For businesses and agencies looking for a way to create a more consumer-centered brand, looking into a charity related to what you or your clients do could be a great way to spread some goodness around the world and also improve your image. Earlier in March, I wrote about the wrong way to approach social media, and in that article I stressed the importance of showing what your brand says about the individual, not telling the individual what your brand is. This is yet another example of that in action.

If you want to sign up for updates and more info, head to Soma Thrive and follow them @somawater.

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