Smashing Racist Stereotypes: Represent the Latino Demographic

The Latino demographic is driving both purchasing power and population growth in the United States – and yet, somehow this demographic is one of the most underrepresented ethnic groups in media. Further, not only is Hispanic representation lacking, but when representation is present, it is often reflective of negative stereotypes. In marketing, the … [Read more...]

Code Switching and Your Brand: How the Latino/a Audience is Changing the Face of Marketing

The phenomenon of moving in between languages or dialects within the same sentence is becoming more and more prominent – especially in the marketing world. In both linguistic and social spaces, this phenomenon is called code switching. Code Switching in the Real World Code switching occurs more regularly in speech than in writing, but even the … [Read more...]

Lost in Translation: Spanish Content Writing and the High Price of Low Cost

How do feel when reading an article or blog written in error-filled English? Sure, you might overlook a few typos or misplaced modifiers, but did you feel like the person writing the piece had you in mind? Did you feel connected to the content, or were you waiting for it to end?Reaching out to the Hispanic market is no different; Spanish … [Read more...]

On the Bandwagon: Netflix, Español, and the Future of Content Marketing

If you haven’t checked out Netflix’s original series House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black (both of which we’ve talked about on the blog), among others, it’s about time.These shows are funny, dark, and wildly popular – and their success is evidenced by the fact that both have been renewed for a third season as of this year. However, the … [Read more...]