Stuck in a Content Rut? 12 Ways to Reimagine Your Business’ Blog

Your blog is the one place you have to really show your company’s culture and personality. The primary focus of a blog is to be engaging, right? That means branching away from the blasé, industry babble and appealing to your customers on a more personal level. Even content writers who complete hundreds of pieces of blog-related content per month can find themselves stuck in a rut writing the same content over and over again.

Here are some tips to inspire you throughout 2015:

  1. Avoid looking online for inspiration, at first. This piece of advice may sound counterintuitive. However, you may narrow your focus too much by seeing what your competition and other sources are posting. The last thing you want is to mimic an article that is already trending. Instead, review content after you’ve come up with a topic or idea. Try to find a new angle that hasn’t been discussed, and then write.
  1. Get away from the computer. The best content is inspired from real life. Get out there and talk to your clients and consumers. Ask them what they want to see. Try approaching your business by role playing as a client, or have a close friend go through the process. See if you can find a nugget of information that hasn’t been addressed before. Keep a notebook or smartphone nearby just in case inspiration strikes randomly.
  1. Play a word association game. Pick a lifestyle interest word like watersports, golfing, or the dining experience. Check out Google Trends for buzzwords trending online right now. Then see if you can relate that concept back to your business, and write an article about it. Finding new ways to frame information will allow you to connect with a wider audience on a deeper level.


  1. Go short. Your blog posts don’t need to be 1,000 words long to be impactful. Short posts are more likely to be read for their bite-sized portion, and you are less likely to include filler. Try aiming for 250-300 word posts, and see if your readership improves.
  1. Stay current. Take advantage of current events. Scan the news each morning for headlines that may affect your customer base or your industry. Important news events that may be unrelated to your business can also create powerful connections. Write about topics that affect the region or nation to show your company really cares about what is going on.
  1. Stop worrying about sales. Content that is keyword filled or written purely for SEO is no longer popular or rewarded by Google. What’s more, internet users can tell when a company is writing for sales versus writing for the benefit of the site visitor. Start thinking about the impression your content will have on a site visitor, and cater to them rather than promoting yourself.
  1. Become a resource. Is your industry highly specialized? Do you have industry specific phrases and ideas that are not common knowledge? Your blog is a chance to inform your customer base with real information from your real-life experiences. Create a dictionary or encyclopedia post that explains terms in your industry or business/manufacturing processes. Being transparent can open up doors between you and your customers and encourage new customers to stay loyal. Really highlight how you differentiate yourself through the way you work every day.
  1. Appeal to your audiences’ real world experiences. People love their children and pets. Relate to one or both, and you will automatically have attention. Make these posts funny and informative. It’s also a great time to highlight employee experiences and make that personal connection from the people in your business with potential customers.


  1. Learn about infographics. Infographics and visual content are golden right now. Anything in an easily digestible form will encourage views and readers. Whether you create a comparison of HVAC systems or provide patients with the life cycle of a cavity, they will respond to visual cues more quickly than pure text.
  1. Stay mission oriented. Readers will respond to a higher purpose. Keep your mission statement front and center when writing blogs and aim for content that reaffirms your company’s purpose in the world. Write about your business passions. People reading your content will detect that feeling, bringing them closer to you.
  1. Provide a pretty presentation. The way your blog is structured also influences the way your readers feel when visiting the site. Consult a web designer to keep your blog structure streamlined. The layout should provide access to posts with a few clicks. Indices and search functionality also make the experience far easier for your audience.
  1. Change up content formatting frequently. Use lists, subheadings, and visual material to your advantage. Try adding videos to your posts, too. Your content doesn’t have to resemble the essays you once wrote in school. Keep them conversational and easy to scan and read by using small paragraphs of no more than 5-6 lines.

Diversifying your content and posting prolifically are great ways to boost brand visibility online. Encourage company-wide involvement for providing content ideas and submitting posts. You may be surprised at the range of topics that come from different roles within an organization.

With a great editor to ensure quality with each posting, and sharing every post across social media sites, you’ll improve your readership while providing readers and clients with meaningful value. I am more inclined to consider a company thinking about my interests first. Aren’t you?

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