Swipp Plus Brings New Tools for Businesses and Agencies

swipp logoThe world of search is, for the most part, dominated by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are other options out there and other platforms that do more than just scour the web. Back in late January I covered the launch of one such platform – Swipp. Since launch Swipp has been gathering users and today it announces the launch of Swipp Plus, a powerful new tool for businesses and agencies to use Swipp to make sense of user sentiment on the web.

Swipp Making Changes

During its initial launch, Swipp was geared entirely towards consumers. That makes complete sense when you’re trying to build a consumer sentiment engine. Users can use Swipp on the web through their Facebook accounts and on their iOS devices (Android coming in the future). The concept is fairly simple: users can give their opinion on just about anything and use a simple -5 to +5 rating to Swipp it into the database that is Swipp. Here’s a great explanatory video for those who haven’t heard of Swipp just yet:

Since its launch in January, Swipp has been listening to consumers (without them Swipp fails of course!) and making changes to its database, fixing bugs, and improving the UI/UX, with plans for many more updates in the future. They have plans for other companies and developers to implement the tech behind Swipp into their apps and other tech offerings.

Additionally, they’ve been able to expand into 172 countries, including 29 languages. Swipp is demonstrating its knowledge of user-based marketing by relying on a Swipp Ambassador Program which gets interested users involved in spreading Swipp around the world. But all of these improvements truly lead up to what Swipp can do for businesses and agencies around the world.

Swipp Plus The Right Move Forward?

Today, Swipp announces an impressive offering to businesses and agencies: Swipp Plus. With Swipp Plus, Swipp is really demonstrating how it is different from what companies like Google have to offer businesses and agencies. Swipp Plus is about businesses and agencies tapping into a global consumer sentiment index. Okay, so what does that mean exactly?

The creators of Swipp have certainly found a niche; figuring out what the true sentiment of customers is when it comes to your products, services, and anything else you may put out to the public can be an exercise that feels like you’re doing calculus for the first time. Swipp gathers all of that information in a way that is fun for consumers, social, and easy to use.

That translates into important sentiment-based data for companies. Getting a pulse on the feelings people have that are currently spread out all over the web through review sites and other similar locations is a lot of work. Swipp wants to change that.

Swipp Plus has a lot of tools that businesses and agencies can’t find elsewhere, and I am really impressed with how focused the company is. They know what they want to accomplish and they get right to the point. Still, it relies on more and more consumers using Swipp in their day-to-day lives; the more people using Swipp, the better Swipp is for them and for marketers, businesses, and agencies looking to get a grasp on how the public is thinking and feeling. If people don’t use it, obviously the less useful it will become. But Swipp is definitely still growing and if that keeps up the company is going to start seeing a lot more attention.

Worth Checking Out

Swipp looks to be continuing its growth since it launched in January. As long as new users continue to join Swipp, Swipp Plus will continue to be a useful tool to gauge consumer sentiment. It has the potential to be incredibly powerful and I certainly don’t think it’s going to be a dud. If you’re looking to see what Swipp Plus is all about, it can’t hurt to make an account and explore what it could do for you. It’s free to do so, so what’s stopping you?

Do you think you will use Swipp Plus for your business or agency?


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