Lure the Right Job Candidates With Exceptional Content

When brands start work on a content marketing strategy, they often forget that content is a multifaceted tool. In addition to sales, customer retention, and customer service, your online content serves as a beacon for talent. If you want your brand to attract the best and the brightest, your existing content should reflect that goal. Many of the … [Read more...]

How To Engage Millennials With Your Brand (Advice From a Millennial Content Writer)

People who aren’t in the Millennial generation view us in one of two ways, according to New York Times contributor and Wall Street Executive Steve Rattner: some think we’re lazy, entitled, and narcissistic. Others maintain that we’re open-minded, engaged, and optimistic. Rattner is in the second camp, and he lays out some indisputable truths: we’re … [Read more...]

Is Your Blog’s Niche Overcrowded? Maybe It’s Time to Find a New One

We all know blogging is an incredible way for businesses to attract more customers. It brings in new visitors, establishes a brand as an industry authority, and builds relationships between companies and their followers. However, most marketers know about the importance of niche blogging. A niche blog allows you to find unique keywords and … [Read more...]

Content Ideas for Targeting Millennials in Health Care

Millennials account for 72 to 80 million people in the United States. They are more likely to go online to find a doctor instead of using the one their parents’ used or asking friends and coworkers for referrals. They want fast, online access, and they want to be educated as much as they want traditional health-care services. For modern medical … [Read more...]

The Purchase Bubble That is About to Burst

Accounting for more than 19 million citizens, the Asian American population in the United States is rapidly increasing. In the past ten years, this group has grown by more than 10% in 49 states. Asian Americans represented 5.6% of the US population in 2010. This number is expected to hit 9% by 2050. Since the population growth has been sudden and … [Read more...]

Your Marketing Formulas Will Fail: Finding Flexibility

Generally speaking, digital marketing agencies advertise in one of two ways: “we work with you” and “our approach always works!” The former is an excellent sign because the marketing agency wants to personalize your digital marketing strategy for a target demographic. It is willing to build a custom template for your company. The latter is … [Read more...]