Uncover the Potential in Your Content With Diversified Content Sources

Most brands have informative content production down to a science. They hit “go” on the production pipeline and can produce dozens of helpful articles in a limited timeframe. While this type of content is important, it’s missing something crucial: the human experience. Consumers can go online anywhere and discover third person narratives from … [Read more...]

The Right Mix of Quality and Quantity in Content Marketing

Many companies struggle to find the right balance between quality and quantity in today’s world of online content marketing. There’s a general understanding that social media followers must have a continuous stream of new content to grow brand awareness. But if quantity is a must, how does a business determine if it’s meeting quality … [Read more...]

8 Things Buzzfeed Can Teach All Small Businesses About Content

People of all ages gravitate towards Buzzfeed, but what makes this media outlet so attention-catching? While the media company does not always hit the mark with their rapid content production, they do sustain a massive readership that earns international attention. Small companies can use some of the site’s techniques to increase readership, drive … [Read more...]

Your Keyboard is the Brush: Pablo Picasso’s Blogging Advice

Having a blog is much like creating art. It takes dedication, hard work, and a heavy dose of creativity. Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artists of all time, approached art the same way he approached life – with curiosity and dedication. Picasso’s philosophy on art and life can be applied to blogging and offers some refreshing advice on how to … [Read more...]

Don’t Steal My Blog: 5 Reasons to Own Your Blogging Platform

With so many free and low-cost blogging platforms available online, it can be tempting to start your business blog through a popular service such as Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress.com. That being said, your business will receive maximum return on investment if your blog is listed on a domain you own. As someone who reads a lot of blogs, I find … [Read more...]

Sherlock Holmes’ 3 Tips for Good Content Marketing

Content marketing is sometimes like a puzzle that needs to be solved. From determining the type of content to associate with your brand to measuring the success of content marketing efforts, the process can seem like a never-ending search for return on investment. Sherlock Holmes, perhaps the best-known fictional detective of all time, has three … [Read more...]