Proving Naysayers Wrong: A Content Lesson From the Beatles

Everyone knows the Beatles. The band started out with a significantly strong local following, and went on to become a global sensation in just a few short years. Their music remains some of the most played all over the world. But here’s a little note on their content: the Beatles didn’t make the best first impression that they could have. The … [Read more...]

Does Your Business Blog Include These 5 Things?

Over a decade has passed since the creation of the blogosphere and, now more than ever, businesses are jumping on the blog bandwagon. In the last five years alone, business blogging has more than doubled among Fortune 500 companies. The result has been an increase in brand visibility, consumer engagement, and lead generation. Business blogs not … [Read more...]

How to Write a Blog Post Series: Part 1

From Pirates of the Caribbean to The Dark Knight, there’s something we all enjoy about series and sequels. Whether it’s the continuation of a fascinating story or getting to better know the characters in this fictional world, we love getting to see each subsequent scenario unfold. Likewise, when you have a brilliant idea, why limit it to a single … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Build On Your Blogging Strengths

The other week, I wrote a basic blogging how-to for people who hate to write. Naturally, it begs the question… For those who love to write (and want to take the quality of their business blogging to the next level), try out these suggestions… Develop series. Blogging is something most of us do with no end in sight. Personally, I find tasks … [Read more...]