Is Your Blog’s Niche Overcrowded? Maybe It’s Time to Find a New One

We all know blogging is an incredible way for businesses to attract more customers. It brings in new visitors, establishes a brand as an industry authority, and builds relationships between companies and their followers. However, most marketers know about the importance of niche blogging. A niche blog allows you to find unique keywords and … [Read more...]

Never Run Out of Things to Say Again – Effective Brain Storming for Niche Content

Niche content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your brand name out there and convert browsers to buyers. However, the definition of the word "niche" reflects some of the problems that can arise from this type of content. A niche is defined as a shallow recess or nook into which a specific item (or in this case industry) … [Read more...]

Business Blogging Success: How to Educate Your Blog Readers

As your business develops its content strategy, it’s critical to think beyond the editorial calendar and focus on useful content. By giving readers the knowledge they need to succeed and achieve their goals, you’ll create a bastion of followers waiting for your next word. Educating readers builds trust, creates an emotional connection, and … [Read more...]

Why Evergreen Content is the Best Storytelling Strategy

No one will remember today’s headlines tomorrow, but everyone will remember the relevant stories. As you continue to invest in content marketing, consider opting for evergreen content. Just like the latest headlines, timely content pieces will grab attention now but will soon be forgotten in the flurry of content marketing activity. With evergreen … [Read more...]

Your Keyboard is the Brush: Pablo Picasso’s Blogging Advice

Having a blog is much like creating art. It takes dedication, hard work, and a heavy dose of creativity. Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artists of all time, approached art the same way he approached life – with curiosity and dedication. Picasso’s philosophy on art and life can be applied to blogging and offers some refreshing advice on how to … [Read more...]

How to Create Ideas for a Blog Post Series

In a previous post, we covered the basics in planning and writing a blog post series. Quite frankly, though, one of the largest challenges is coming up with enough content – or ideas – to justify creating a series in the first place! Fortunately, with examples from some of the finest content creators in America, we can solve the mystery of creating … [Read more...]