How to Write a Blog Post Series: Part 1

From Pirates of the Caribbean to The Dark Knight, there’s something we all enjoy about series and sequels. Whether it’s the continuation of a fascinating story or getting to better know the characters in this fictional world, we love getting to see each subsequent scenario unfold. Likewise, when you have a brilliant idea, why limit it to a single … [Read more...]

That’s Not What I Said: Transcription Errors In Dragon NaturallySpeaking

When it comes to voice transcription, the most widely used software on the market is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Dragon Systems first began offering continuous voice transcription software in 1997 and has been constantly improving the fluency and accuracy of their system ever since, with Dragon NaturallySpeaking now in its 19th iteration, including … [Read more...]

Keep Your Blog Fresh with these Types of Blog Posts

If you’ve been blogging for business for some time, chances are you’ve run out of ideas or that your blog posts have gotten a little…dull. If this is the case, don’t worry! There are a myriad of blog post configurations that you can experiment with to add freshness and excitement back into your blog! If you’ve written your fair share of how-to … [Read more...]

Beyond 72 Hours: How to Write a Memorable Blog Post

A recent study from Parks Associates shows that our publishing content has a 72-hour shelf life in today’s digital world. While an editorial calendar certainly creates long term benefits that improve traffic, SEO efforts, and the like, most consumers will forget about a blog post they’ve read within 72 hours. To keep your content in the forefront … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Build On Your Blogging Strengths

The other week, I wrote a basic blogging how-to for people who hate to write. Naturally, it begs the question… For those who love to write (and want to take the quality of their business blogging to the next level), try out these suggestions… Develop series. Blogging is something most of us do with no end in sight. Personally, I find tasks … [Read more...]

10 Years of Blogging: 2002-2012

Covering the last 10 years of blogging is about as daunting a task as covering the last 10 years of foreign policy – or the last 60 years of James Joyce criticism!  Okay, maybe not that difficult, but there’s a lot that’s happened in the blogosphere.  The popularity of blogging has been growing exponentially for the last ten years, and pointing to … [Read more...]