Video Killed the Radio Star…Is Written Content Next?

The song “Video Killed the Radio Star” debuted by the Buggles in 1980. The image above was published in 1987. Now it’s 30 years later, we’re still discussing the battle between the written and digital word, and the stakes are higher than ever. With the incredible rise of video content over IP, the cyber world is discussing the end of text content … [Read more...]

Why You Can’t Afford to Leave the Elevator Speech at the Door

An elevator speech or pitch is typically 30-90 seconds long and sums up your skills, a product, or a company. The phrase originates from the idea of what you would say to a customer or client if you were riding in an elevator and were asked what you do. It can be used anytime and anywhere, and it prevents the stumbling awkwardness of an unprepared … [Read more...]

What Exclusivity Can Do for Your Business Marketing

Have you ever seen a brand, small or large, that seemed to stay in business effortlessly? I’m talking about the ones you never see in magazines or on billboards but everyone still knows about. If you have, the business has likely leveraged the power of exclusivity over time – creating demand by keeping their marketing game small. You may have … [Read more...]

10 Shark Tank Business Lessons

Now in its fifth season, viewers seemingly can’t get enough of ABC’s Shark Tank. It’s half drama, half business lesson and provides a taste of the fast pace, do-or-die entrepreneurial lifestyle. While it’s certainly a Hollywood look at business pitches and ideas, it yields some interesting and valuable lessons for business owners and aspiring … [Read more...]

On the Bandwagon: Netflix, Español, and the Future of Content Marketing

If you haven’t checked out Netflix’s original series House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black (both of which we’ve talked about on the blog), among others, it’s about time. These shows are funny, dark, and wildly popular – and their success is evidenced by the fact that both have been renewed for a third season as of this year. However, the … [Read more...]

There’s An App for That: Creating Your Brand’s Mobile App

One way that brands harness the constantly growing mobile market is by developing branded mobile apps. But is a mobile app right for your brand? Top branded mobile apps succeed with consumers because they provide a tangible benefit, from discounts and deals to easier ordering, prescription reminders, and more. By studying these brand examples and … [Read more...]