Why Personalization May Not Work for Your Business

  Personalization carries many benefits for almost any business or product. Personalization need not be complicated, either. Sixty percent of shoppers say they like retailers to remember their payment information, as it speeds up purchases. Shoppers like to come into a store or other business and hear questions like, “The usual?” This shows … [Read more...]

How Frozen Did It: Lessons in Success from Disney’s Most Recent Hit

Walt Disney Animation Studios regained its former glory and splendor last winter with the new princess film Frozen. For fans who remember the days when The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King were released within a span of 5 years to worldwide critical acclaim, Frozen seems like a return to form. The recent addition … [Read more...]

Do People Still Read? What Marketers Need to Know About Digital Reading Habits

People read all the time, yet they’re reading less than ever before. This is the great paradox of digital marketing, a challenge that plagues virtually every marketing campaign. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of non-book-readers has tripled over the last quarter century. Today, 23 percent of Americans haven’t read a book within … [Read more...]

5 Awful Commercials Equals 5 Awfully Good Content Marketing Lessons

Super Bowl commercials are like your drunken friend that shows up late to the party, trying to earn everyone’s attention. Sometimes it’s funny, but other times it’s painstakingly embarrassing. During national events, marketers have the opportunity to broadcast their creative genius – but sometimes you’re left wondering, “What in the world were they … [Read more...]

Who Made That Sale? The Pros and Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing

When trying to expand marketing reach without emptying their pockets, affiliate marketing may seem like an appealing option for most businesses. Increasing sales with less upfront outlay is an ideal situation, and affiliate networks have the potential to reach widely and diffusely, expanding the reach of products. Done carefully and successfully, … [Read more...]

Google’s New Helpouts Service: How It’s Working Out

Google has finally given into the understanding that not every answer is available without a human touch. It is for this reason that Google has launched a new service, Helpouts, which will connect people with live experts for free or paid advice – a service for people who “don’t know what question to ask.” The Release of Google Helpouts Helpouts … [Read more...]