Craft a Meaningful “About Us” Page With These 5 Content Tips

Some websites have beautifully designed layouts, audience friendly content—and pitiful About Us content. Your brand story is wholly unique, and every company has one. Successful marketing is about uncovering a brand story and then using it to drive other marketing activities. Failing to see the About Us section as a marketing and brand positioning … [Read more...]

Don’t Be a Hoarder – Learn How to Delegate Your Workload

Far too many business owners have an intense fear of delegating tasks to employees. For a number of reasons, owners often end up taking on tasks themselves, which can eventually lead to sensory overload and exhaustion. Though it's completely understandable why some owners may not want to trust their "babies" in the hands of their employees, it's a … [Read more...]

Integrating Winning Trends in the Workplace

Consumer A has decided to invest in a product sold by a few different brands. The product is roughly the same, with every sales representative gushing about high quality and service over time. What will affect consumer A’s purchasing decision? Marketing is all about psychology. Sales is where the purchasing decision happens, but marketing is … [Read more...]

Meeting Nightmares: How to Streamline Meetings and Get Work Done

The American economy continues to recover, but millions of people still need well-paying, full-time jobs. That being said, no job is perfect and some complaints are universal. One complaint almost every employee has about his or her job at one time or another is the amount of meetings. Many employers spend so much time holding meetings that … [Read more...]

The Barter Banter of e-Commerce Branding

A niche brand may seem counter-intuitive to business owners, and technology is partly to blame for this kind of thinking. If the internet is all inclusive, why shouldn’t your business appeal to everyone surfing it? The truth is that people from varying demographics, looking for the same product in the same price range, need to be targeted … [Read more...]

The Rat (Terrier) Race: Improving Workplace Performance With a Pet in the Office

“Dogs in the office” may seem like a questionable idea at first. In spite of easy to imagine worst-case scenarios, however, allowing employees to bring their pets to the workplace has consistently been associated with improved productivity, reduced stress, increased satisfaction at work, and an overall better workplace. This is a great way to … [Read more...]