Producing Killer Content, Each and Every Time

As a writer, I can tell you there’s nothing worse than staring at a blank computer screen. The cursor mocks you, each blink a testament to your wasted productivity and creative failure. Blink. Blink. I actually got this idea because I was starved for blog ideas. Writing about content curation when you can’t seem to come up with something … [Read more...]

Understanding the Appeal of User-Generated Content Marketing

Have you ever considered handing over the job of content marketing to your customers? Believe it or not, we think you should. Obviously, you shouldn’t fire your whole marketing team and crowdsource your entire content strategy. However, the occasional user-generated content marketing campaign allows participants to create their own corner in … [Read more...]

Can Proper Content Curation Feed Your Thought Leadership?

Aspiring thought leaders often stress over the idea of not being able to produce enough original content to satisfy the needs of their community. It can seem like an unrealistic goal to produce fresh, quality content all of the time; and quite frankly it is. But don’t fret, aspiring thought leader! Content curation can be your best friend. And … [Read more...]

How Your Syndication Partners Impact Your Brand

You are who your friends are.  It may have been true in middle school, and now, it still holds true in your professional life today.  Who you choose to associate with online reflects on your brand whether you like it or not.  And, syndication partners are some of the most intimate professional relationships you’ll have on the Internet. Why … [Read more...]

What is Content Curation and How to do it without Duplication Issues

Content curation has been around a lot longer than you might think. Way back in 2009 the Curation Manifesto set the standard for how to view curation. The point is not to scrape somebody else’s stuff and call it your own. This is not curation – this is stealing. Instead, curation is about collecting and grouping relevant information together in … [Read more...]