Hot Off the Press: Why Print Still Matters

  In the never-ending talk about business marketing platforms, it seems like one is always forgotten: good old-fashioned print. It can be easy to cast off print as the ugly stepchild of today’s multimedia marketing platforms, but studies show we may be dismissing its reach too soon. Many business owners opt to replace paper advertisements … [Read more...]

Avoid These 11 Content Practices that Make Your Brand Seem Cheap Online

Nothing lasts forever in the digital world, and change seems to come more quickly each year. You don’t necessarily have to stay on the cutting-edge all the time, but if you can’t keep pace, your audience may start to question your brand. “Why haven’t they updated their homepage?” “If this is what they write, can I trust their products?” First … [Read more...]

4 Marketing Fails to Annoy Your Audience – And How to Avoid Them

Since the beginning of the marketing era, perhaps starting with the first traces of direct mail of Farmers Almanacs in 1732, there has always been that one campaign that is just downright annoying. In fact, telemarketers got so obtrusive in the early 2000s that a law had to be enacted to keep them from interrupting families during dinner time. … [Read more...]

In the Loop: How Vines Help Ripen a Marketing Campaign

Vine received mentions on the CEM blog regarding its emerging role in news, music marketing, and politics. Over a year later, this micro-video app launched a desktop site, celebrated its first birthday, and gained millions of new individual and commercial customers. An Overview of the Brief (Yet Significant) Rise of Vine In fewer than two years, … [Read more...]

Content Shock: Myth or Disconcerting Reality?

If you follow trends in content marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content shock.”  “Info overload” and “content shock” are terms that have been thrown around a lot in the past few months, after the executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, Mark Schaefer, posted an article earlier this year on his personal website. The article … [Read more...]

Vimeo vs. YouTube: Will a Winner Emerge in 2014? [Infographic]

Recently, I wrote about the rise of video marketing and the perceived threat of video taking over nearly every other form of media. As the top two contenders in this fight, YouTube and Vimeo have been vying for the world’s top video platform for nearly a decade. With marketers everywhere focused on producing quality video content, the choice … [Read more...]