The Golden Girls Approach to Content Marketing

In the late 1980s, you could often find me humming the theme song to The Golden Girls. Admittedly, I’m singing it as I write this. The show’s catchy tune, “Thank You for Being a Friend,” summed up everything the show was really about: amazing friends that went through everything together and came out stronger. Despite potential age differences, we … [Read more...]

Content Writing & Media Roger Ebert Style

When it comes to film, no critic has more authority on the art form than Roger Ebert. Ebert, who passed away on April 4, was a publishing powerhouse. According to one of his final essays, “A Leave of Presence” (pub. April 2), he typically writes 200+ reviews per year. These aren’t little 150-word synopses either. Ebert’s reviews tend to be … [Read more...]

Good Content is More Than Just Sexy

There’s been a conversation brewing in the world of content marketing about the need to create “sexy” content to entice new readers/customers/users/ whatever. Beyond the complexities of birds, bees, and whatever other animals are needed for a proper dissection of human sexuality, there are some other (and less potentially hazardous) problems with … [Read more...]

Building Better Video Content: What’s Next

With many content marketers considering the world of video as their next logical step, it is important to keep informed about the technologies and changes coming in things even as basic as the formatting of video for the web. With new developments in live-casting and newly approved file formatting, video is about to have a shift in terms of … [Read more...]

Content Generation Is King: Don’t Be a Peasant, Learn From The Princes

In medieval times, the royalty always led the way. In 2012, we tend not to let royalty guide our preferences, except for maybe in terms of weddings and/or funny hats, but my title “serfs” a purpose. Okay, no more puns, lest they draw the bridge between my readers and my advice! (That was the last one, I promise.) When an SMB is just starting … [Read more...]

Nike Business Branding: “They’re Onto Something” Is an Understatement

Every time I sit down to write a blog post about business branding, there’s this voice in my head that says, Try not to bring up Nike.  Now, it’s not that I dislike Nike.  The company is such a stellar example of branding that I can find a way to incorporate Nike into just about any branding blog post.  But, in order to not sound like a broken … [Read more...]