Size Matters: Why Longer Blogs Are Better for B2C Business

Pretend you’re hiring a writer. You post the position and receive a hundred resumes. After sorting through all of them, you select a pool of people to take a writing test. Every single test must be evaluated to determine which applicants are good writers. That’s a time-consuming process! What if you could wave a magic wand over the 100 resumes and … [Read more...]

Word Count Sweet Spot: Determining the Optimal Content Length for Professional Services

At Content Equals Money (CEM), we write content as short as a tweet and as long as an ebook. Many business owners, marketers, and content creators wonder about optimal content length. How long is too long? Will I lose my readers if I post something more than 2,000 words? How can I treat a subject in depth in a short post? Read on to discover the … [Read more...]