Beyond Style: Creating Content for the Fashion Industry

While the fashion industry took New York by storm in February, it became abundantly clear that only a handful of fashion brands use content to the fullest. With Michael Kors, Nasty Gal and Essie Polish topping the list of the most liked fashion brands, industry giants like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus seem to have fallen off a cliff. Take a … [Read more...]

Are Infographics the Future of Copywriting?

Surely you’ve heard the talk over the last few years: ‘copywriting is dead!’ But what does that actually mean? Can copywriting really be dead and gone? The answer is…kind of. What people really mean is keyword stuffing and SEO copywriting is dead. And while that is essentially true, it means content marketing is alive and kicking. Google’s new … [Read more...]

The Magic of Online Restaurant Ordering: How GrubHub Seamless Rose to the Top

It’s a simple algorithm, and tons of online companies use it for product shopping: place an order, and your item will arrive at your door. Online food delivery websites GrubHub and Seamless have taken the formula a step further – instead of ordering a product from a warehouse company like Amazon, you’re ordering from a local restaurant. Last year, … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama and Sesame Street Team Up to Market Healthy Foods

A new advertising campaign focused on getting kids excited about healthy foods will soon be launching – and with the endorsement of First Lady Michelle Obama to boot. An agreement with the popular children’s show means that boxed and bagged fruits and vegetables will now be able to carry the faces of the Sesame Street characters. Boosting Fruit … [Read more...]

Campbell’s Soup Wins Consumers with Content Marketing

Have you ever wondered how condensed soup became so popular? It wasn’t the fantastic variety of flavors. At first, Campbell’s Soup offered canned beefsteak tomato soup, a convenient (yet odd) option for those accustomed to making soup from scratch. The addition of condensed soup and some innovative content marketing helped cement the Campbell’s … [Read more...]

4 Content Marketing Lessons from an Expert Entrepreneur

Lately I’ve become a huge fan of Learning from others is a priceless way to improve your craft and listening to interviews makes for great multi-tasking opportunities. Expert entrepreneur, Hugh Culver, was interviewed about his successes, failures, and everything in between. Although he has made millions as an entrepreneur, his current … [Read more...]