Meet a Member of Our Team: Writer Devin Pallone

“You plan to teach English with that degree, right?” If Devin Pallone’s heard it once, she’s heard it her entire adult life. “I want to be a writer,” she’d always reply firmly. Her response was typically met with an eye roll or a sarcastic, “Good luck with that.” Devin Pallone of Content Equals Money says she never planned to teach with … [Read more...]

Content Writing from a Creative Writer’s Perspective

Creative writers don’t always get to write. We pursue our passion with our hearts in our throats, hoping we can defend our decision when the time comes, or even better – that one day, when our manuscript gets published, we won’t have to. While people born with the desire to become doctors or lawyers are encouraged every step of the way, creative … [Read more...]

The 9 Best Literary Content Writing Tips Ever Written

Being a content writer isn’t quite the same as being a novelist, but it’s still tough work. There’s the constant requirement of creativity – plus, you need an extra helping of self-discipline to sit at the keyboard for eight hours day-in and day-out. To make the job a little easier for my fellow writers and marketers, I’ve been sharing content … [Read more...]

Content Writing & Blogging With Kurt Vonnegut

Since I’m a writer, it’s natural that I’m also something of a book collector. Not your serious antique, first edition, autographed kind of book collector – just a guy with a penchant for good books. But… I did have my once-in-five-years find this past May at an antique store in northern Alabama: a pristine leather bound, 24 karat gold embossed, … [Read more...]

7 Things You Forgot to Ask Your Last Writer

If you’re searching for a new writing service, then you’re probably just starting out in the world of marketing (hey, welcome!)… or things went south with your last blogger/writing service. I’m going to venture a guess that if things “went south” it was probably because of the lack of upfront communication between you and your blogger. This time … [Read more...]

And the Award Goes To… Rewarding Your Team

With the recent announcement of this year’s Academy Awards nominees, now is a good time to be thinking about awards, not to mention rewards. The question for content creators, and those in charge of content creators, is how to reward work in a realistic and reasonable way. There are a few lessons to be learned from a big-budget awards affair like … [Read more...]