Language, Gender, and Why Your Hypothetical CEO’s Pronouns Matter

Most of us were taught in elementary school that it’s not only permissible but also grammatically correct to refer to hypothetical people as “he” and “him” in writing and speech. It’s still grammatically correct, but what stereotypes and assumptions about gender are you reinforcing with your linguistic choices? In this article, I’ll talk about why … [Read more...]

A Higher View of Content: Reviewing the Comma Rules

Commas are, obviously, essential to writing. When I think of this particular mark of punctuation, I always remember a snippet of Oscar Wilde lore. According to the old quote, he spent the better part of a morning deciding whether or not to remove a comma from his poem. He finally removed it, only to reinsert said comma back into the piece that very … [Read more...]

15 Blog Ideas for When You’re Feeling Blocked

You don’t have to blog for long to be struck with the dreaded writer’s block—and, once it hits, and you find yourself scrambling for new topics, it’s easy to feel discouraged. Before you know it, you may want to jump ship and give up on blogging altogether. What can you do? How should you prepare yourself for the inevitable lack of … [Read more...]

What Painful Junior High Memories Taught Me About Online Marketing

There's something important that I realized far too late in life and really only after teaching ninth grade for a few years: anyone who says, “Junior high was great and not at all traumatic!” is a liar. Those early teen years are, in fact, some of the most awkward years we go through. It's one big process of working hard to solidify your place … [Read more...]

Implications of Google+ Authorship for Content Marketing

Today, content marketing is about more than what’s being said—it’s about who’s saying it. Developments with Google+ authorship have changed the way content authors affect the content they’re writing. What does this mean for you? Here’s a look at some of the implications Google+ authorship has on content marketing! Google+ Is Vital for Content … [Read more...]

A Higher View of Content: Five Common Words to Avoid

It’s safe to say most people don’t spend a great deal of time planning their next sentence, unless you’re a super nerd like me and have a serious obsession with lexis and language. (True story: My friend and I are currently teaching ourselves to speak Middle English – for no other reason than for sheer delight.) Think of Words as a Choice We have … [Read more...]