Fall for these 8 Back-to-Cool Web Presence Essentials

Fall is on the horizon. Among the apples, pumpkins and sweater weather, one of the best parts of the season is the opportunity to revamp your identity. Whether it was a new pack of Crayolas as a kid or a new wardrobe as an adult, fall is a great time to hit the refresh button on life. Check out our list of web presence must-haves that business … [Read more...]

Pump Up the Product Page: 11 Tips for Descriptions & Design

Leave the white backgrounds and subpar product photos in the 90s. Shoppers prefer ecommerce sites with flair. Reject product pages with one-photo product graveyards, boasting only the basic buttons to complete a transaction. Marketing firms and company marketing executives miss a huge mark by neglecting product descriptions and page design on … [Read more...]

Are You Properly Optimized for the Mobile Takeover?

If you haven’t already taken the advice, now is the time: Become mobile-friendly or become obsolete. According to multiple new studies and reports, global mobile internet traffic is growing at a significant rate. Three industries in specific – e-commerce, B2B, and consumer services – have seen a noticeable shift from desktop to mobile in the last … [Read more...]

Users Prefer Facebook for Social Logins

Optimizing your checkout page for increased conversion rates can be a difficult task for many brands. Statistics show that shopping cart abandonment is on the rise for a variety of reasons, from expensive shipping to being forced to create an account. With social login, brands can increase conversion rates by providing customers with a simpler … [Read more...]

New Study Reveals That Crowds Could Be Drowning Your Sales

Conservative when crowded? New research by a professor at the University of Kansas reveals that crowds are significantly impacting the purchasing behavior of consumers. The researcher, Ahreum Maeng, found that socially crowded environments lead to conservative consumers who are less willing to make risky investments. Maeng revealed that socially … [Read more...]

How the Supersized Smartphone Can Help Boost Your Sales

Just in time for the busy holiday season, Samsung announced its Galaxy Mega smartphone will soon become available in United States.  Offering users the convenience of a large display, HD quality graphics, fast processing, and a reliable mobile network, Samsung’s Galaxy Mega is in the running to replace traditional desktop use with its attractive … [Read more...]