Writing for Amazon: A Quick Guide to Building a Lasting Brand

Amazon has been fighting a battle against fake reviews recently, but false reviews are only part of the problem with seller marketing on the platform. Amazon product descriptions read like bad advertisements from direct mailers in the 1990s. In a world where consumers are getting savvier about where and how they spend their -earned cash, no … [Read more...]

10 No-Nos for Your Brick and Mortar Store’s Online Product Descriptions

People don’t just scan product descriptions on Amazon or your website. They look at them like a set of specs on a new car. Consumers want to know the details that make your broom better than the 500 other brooms available for purchase, and they need to be able to gain that understanding fast. That means your marketing team has to develop compelling … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Your Legal Content Isn’t Reaching Your Audience

There are a couple of purposes behind why law firms choose to post content online. Online content demonstrates relevance and niche expertise to your peers for cross-selling opportunities, and it adds meaningful value to prospects and existing clients. If your law firm doesn’t have a strategy behind posting content, now is the time to rethink … [Read more...]

Copywriting Tips from the VW “Think Small” Ad Man

Bob Levenson has been hailed as the greatest “ad man” of all time by his contemporaries on Madison Avenue and around the world. Like Rosser Reeves, Levenson’s dynamic career and accomplishments were used as a model for AMC’s Mad Men. Once you start looking into the mind of this copywriting genius, it becomes quickly apparent why Advertising Age … [Read more...]

Conversion Writing Tips from “Mad Men” Model Rosser Reeves

What does a preacher’s kid do when he gets drunk, totals a friend’s car, and is expelled from school? If you’re Rosser Reeves (1910-1984), you go into advertising and copywriting. Prior to his motorized bacchanalian fiasco, Reeves had won a $100 prize for his conversion writing skills. His essay, “Better Living Through Chemistry,” captured the … [Read more...]

Advertising 101: How Claude Hopkins Sold a Staggering Amount of Beer

The basic idea behind small business copywriting is that words matter. A customer starts at point A, holding dollars and in need of a service, and ends at point Z with fewer dollars (for the moment) and their needs met. Stuff happens along the way: Words. Thoughts. A change of heart, mind, or both. This is the conversion … [Read more...]