5 Types of Business Ebooks and Why You Need to Write One

It’s 2016, and simply posting a new blog article every week may or may not help your brand stay on top. To truly stand out from the sheer volume of uploads that take place daily, brands need to diversify and optimize each piece of content. A properly developed and marketed ebook can take your content offerings above and beyond newsletters and blog … [Read more...]

Value-Driven Content: Let the Audience Be Your Guide

Great content is in the eye of the beholder. You may think that you have the best content ever written, but if your audience isn’t reading it, then you’ve won the battle but could be losing the war. One of the biggest goals that marketers focus on today is how to get in front of the right audience. To break through the online noise and get a return … [Read more...]

Are Infographics the Future of Copywriting?

Surely you’ve heard the talk over the last few years: ‘copywriting is dead!’ But what does that actually mean? Can copywriting really be dead and gone? The answer is…kind of. What people really mean is keyword stuffing and SEO copywriting is dead. And while that is essentially true, it means content marketing is alive and kicking. Google’s new … [Read more...]

Plotting Your Business: How to Use Story Arcs in a Digital World

Even if you and I are cynical about the latest marketing tactics, we can’t deny that storytelling drives our lives. There’s even documented evidence supporting our primordial human instinct as storytellers, according to Scientific American. It was compelling storytelling that brought me in front of my television week after week when 24 aired on … [Read more...]

Why 8 Customers Trash Your Emails Every Minute

It’s sad, but true. Customers are deleting emails at a rapid rate and (worse) simply ignoring many brands’ attempts to engage them. How do I know? Because I’m one of them and, if we’re being honest with each other, you probably are, too. But what makes us open some emails and not others? Today we’ll explore that question as we take a trip into my … [Read more...]

Content Basics: What Makes Good Copy?

A recent survey by Sticky Content found that one of the biggest frustrations for companies seeking web content writing is that “people don’t get what good copy is.” It’s basic, to be sure, but before marketers can get to the good stuff like creativity and SEO, there needs to be a basic understanding of the vehicle itself – the writing! Let’s take a … [Read more...]