Why 8 Customers Trash Your Emails Every Minute

It’s sad, but true. Customers are deleting emails at a rapid rate and (worse) simply ignoring many brands’ attempts to engage them. How do I know? Because I’m one of them and, if we’re being honest with each other, you probably are, too. But what makes us open some emails and not others? Today we’ll explore that question as we take a trip into my … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the New Gmail Push Your Content to the Back

A solid email marketing campaign can engage a business’s target audience, build brand awareness, and keep customers in the loop about your company. Hundreds of man-hours are put into developing and implementing a solid email marketing campaign and generating compelling content. Is all this hard work now lost to Gmail’s inbox cleaning spree? Maybe … [Read more...]

The First Step In Email Marketing: Reaching the Inbox

As Patrick recently pointed out, email marketing still outperforms social media marketing by a fairly large margin. But a recent study found that nearly a quarter of targeted emails that consumers have opted into don’t ever make it into their inboxes! Let’s take a look at the issue at hand, as well as a few ways that you can ensure that your … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: It Still Works (and It Works Well)

There are countless articles on the web today informing businesses and agencies how to best reach new customers. Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ seems to take much of the attention when it comes to said advice. However, one of the oldest (I mean old in internet-speak) methods of reaching customers has recently been shown to … [Read more...]

E-mail Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season represents a unique time of the year for marketers and advertising strategists.  Whether online or offline, the consumer audience is at its peak during this time.  People are ready to shop, shop, shop—and they're looking to find the best deals! Don't miss this opportunity to reach your customers while they are hot!  Be sure … [Read more...]

Different Ways to Organize Your E-mail Marketing Lists

When it comes to the internet, the world is your audience.  Publishing something to the web makes it visible to everyone with internet access, despite your specified target audience. In order to make your e-mail marketing campaign more focused, you can organize your subscriber list in many different ways.  By categorizing certain followers, you … [Read more...]