Level Up Your Content Marketing Campaign With Some Video Game Inspiration

Contrary to popular belief (or perhaps unpopular at this point), a lot of useful skills can be taken from the video game world. Avid gamers know that video games have a lot more to offer than just an entertaining pastime. Aside from learning multi-tasking, planning, and problem-solving skills, the world of gaming also offers us some competitive … [Read more...]

Turn Your Business into a Video Game and Find Marketing Gold

Content marketers have dominated just about every corner of the digital marketing world. They've mastered the art of video, audio, text marketing, and various combinations of the three. The next logical step is to combine media and entertainment for the ultimate marketing platform: video games. Yes, you read that right – improve your content … [Read more...]

Feeding the Addiction: Content Marketing Lessons from Candy Crush Saga

It’s just a game… or is it? Mentioning Candy Crush Saga to any of my friends elicits a couple of different responses, but one of the main ones is, “I hate that game!” Hate as they may, Candy Crush players continually come back for more – especially now that the bizarrely notorious Flappy Bird has been pulled from the app market. Let’s explore just … [Read more...]

Winning At Life: Gamification Drives New Banking Initiatives

A Bulgarian bank recently developed a new app that takes the gamification trend to its logical next step. The app, developed by DSK Bank, rewards customers with points for interacting with it, encouraging the setting of certain savings and financial goals and rewarding customers who educate themselves and reach milestones. It’s not a new concept, … [Read more...]

5 Ways Brands Gamify their Social Media Marketing

Gamification in marketing is a great way to build viewer engagement with your content. Gamification is the use of game mechanics in content to create a more engaging user experience. The developer API's being available on many social media channels offer many different ways to implement gamification onto their platforms. With the new tools … [Read more...]

What Google’s Goings-on Mean for Content Creation

Juggernaut search engine/mail client/social media platform/space-glasses-from-the-future maker Google has been in the news a lot recently. Between changes to Google+, big moves in the world of cell phones, and even the introduction of Google Course Builder, there has been a lot to talk about. But what do all of these Google moves mean for the … [Read more...]