Measuring Engagement in Your Healthcare Content

When we talk content, we hear the term “consumer engagement” bandied about, and it makes sense for us to consider what this means. We take time and care curating our brand’s content, so we want some assurance that our base is interacting with it. You may have go-to methods for determining your level of consumer engagement: the number of likes and … [Read more...]

User Behavior and Conversion: Is Data the New Way To Get Patients?

By the time that the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect in 2022, an estimated 30 million Americans who were previously uninsured will have access to health insurance. These same Americans will flood the healthcare market, looking for the right primary care physicians and specialists to attend to their health needs. The right search engine … [Read more...]

3 Ways The Affordable Care Act Will Change Healthcare Marketing

Though the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, it’s still making daily headlines. On either side of the aisle, it creates fodder for debate; from conservatives, who view it as an affront to capitalism, to staunch liberals who claim it doesn’t do enough to live up to its name. No matter how you spin it, the Affordable Care Act has … [Read more...]

How To Use Social Media to Improve Health Outcomes

In graduate school, I had to take a class on healthcare management, one I dreaded passionately each and every week. As a student studying health behavior, I didn’t see how learning marketing principles and business branding practices would ever factor into my career path. With the exception of administration, most healthcare workers don’t put … [Read more...]

Creating Public Health Content That Actually Reaches People

If you ask a random sampling of people on the street, you’ll find that our health has become a popular, and often controversial, subject. Opinions regarding GMOs, vaccines, and the fluoridation of our drinking water vary widely in scope, despite a wide consensus in the medical community. Thanks to popular media health moguls like Dr. Oz and The … [Read more...]

Content Ideas for Targeting Millennials in Health Care

Millennials account for 72 to 80 million people in the United States. They are more likely to go online to find a doctor instead of using the one their parents’ used or asking friends and coworkers for referrals. They want fast, online access, and they want to be educated as much as they want traditional health-care services. For modern medical … [Read more...]