Even Hot Dog Carts Need Websites Nowadays

Websites need to be continually updated. Recent increases in mobile use makes 2015 something of a milestone for online companies. Surprisingly, there are still thousands of small businesses without any online presence. Another large percentage of small businesses have failed to keep their websites updated. 50% of small businesses have seen … [Read more...]

Are You Properly Optimized for the Mobile Takeover?

If you haven’t already taken the advice, now is the time: Become mobile-friendly or become obsolete. According to multiple new studies and reports, global mobile internet traffic is growing at a significant rate. Three industries in specific – e-commerce, B2B, and consumer services – have seen a noticeable shift from desktop to mobile in the last … [Read more...]

Plotting Your Business: How to Use Story Arcs in a Digital World

Even if you and I are cynical about the latest marketing tactics, we can’t deny that storytelling drives our lives. There’s even documented evidence supporting our primordial human instinct as storytellers, according to Scientific American. It was compelling storytelling that brought me in front of my television week after week when 24 aired on … [Read more...]

Would You Pay $40 for a Mobile Doctor Visit?

Multiple news outlets have been covering the release of the new Doctors on Demand app for mobile. Doctors on Demand is a mobile app that lets you schedule a video consultation with a real-life medical professional to discuss minor medical issues and make recommendations. A 15-minute consultation costs $40, which – when considering the cost of an ER … [Read more...]

The Barcode Turns 61

The barcode has turned 61! This important and much-overlooked little aspect of business has now been around since 1952 – and has evolved and changed in a lot of different ways over the years. Let’s take a closer look. The Barcode’s History The world’s first barcode was created in 1952 by Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, whose aim was to help … [Read more...]

Apple’s Mobile Site Design Rotten at Core, Ranks Dead Last

According to a recent survey performed by The Search Agency, Apple ranked dead last in terms of their mobile website design among 100 multichannel retailers. This came as a pretty big surprise, since, you know, it’s Apple. As in, the creator of the iPhone? Maybe you’ve heard of them? Apple’s site failed a few of the benchmarks set by the survey, … [Read more...]