So You Want to Make a Meme (and Other Viral Marketing Assets)

If you want to get noticed online, you need a strong online strategy. Regularly posting boring blogs and looking all over the internet for stock images to use isn’t going to get you there. You need something exciting, like a meme. However, meme and other content forms come with risks. Combining the wrong text with the wrong photo can backfire. … [Read more...]

Everything is Not Terrible: How to Stay Positive When You’re in the Weeds

Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry will shiver at the thought of being "in the weeds." The thing is, this is not exclusive to the world of food service. Every single industry has its fair share of crazy, overloaded workdays. With the start of a new year, this is especially true for many small businesses. How do you stop pulling out … [Read more...]

The Most Entertaining Brands on Social Media You Should Be Following

Social media provides a way for people to come together and share their thoughts, favorite brands, and generally stay in contact with one another. It’s also an excellent way for brands to convey their company messages and brand voices. These platforms open the door for just about any kind of voice you can imagine. And sometimes, they’re … [Read more...]

3 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2016

A recent Pew Research study found that 72% of users turn to the internet when it comes to finding health information. This presents a huge opportunity for healthcare marketers to produce quality data about disease and prevention, but how should we go about it? Unfortunately, there’s an abundance of inaccurate health information out there; a … [Read more...]

New Year, New You: Make a Marketing Resolution This Year

What’s your New Year's resolution this year? Is it to exercise more or eat healthier? Or perhaps it's to revisit and fine-tune your marketing campaign? If you're reading this, it probably is. People and brands alike tend to get a bit introspective every New Year – it's the nature of the holiday. People reevaluating their lifestyles and brands are … [Read more...]

Blending Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing: Tips for a Seamless Content Marketing Campaign for Stores

Digital marketing can take your company far, but if you also operate a brick-and-mortar shop, you need a strategy that combines traditional and digital methodologies. Focusing too much on one or another can limit your market reach and leave your brand identity feeling half-baked. Instead of spending on two separate campaigns, start creating content … [Read more...]