How to Use Landing Pages the RIGHT Way in the Real Estate Industry

Landing pages work particularly well for real estate companies. A good marketing campaign will target a specific audience and focus on local customers. While these are important features across most industries, they’re absolutely imperative in the real estate world. Obviously, you don't want to waste your time marketing to potential clients who … [Read more...]

Why Generic Content Doesn’t Work in Real Estate

Too many real estate companies get caught in the same net of generic content as other industries. But “10 tips for buying your first home” and “how to find a realtor” is kitschy content that has been done over and over. After you’ve written one of these generic posts, it’s time to start adding some strategy to your content production … [Read more...]

When It Comes To Real Estate Copywriting, Leave It To The Professionals

One of my favorite assignments at Content Equals Money is when we get a client looking for real estate copy. I love writing something that showcases the best of what a property or a building has to offer customers. I feel like the best properties deserve the best copy, so realtors and sellers have an easier time getting potential buyers in their … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content Writing Really Brings In Clients

One of the up and coming areas of content writing is real estate content writing.  More and more brokers and realtors are getting into the content writing groove now than ever before—and for good reasons.  This holiday season, if you're looking to sell properties, consider what real estate content writing can do for you. Real estate is a game of … [Read more...]