Digital Disruption and the Fate of Small Business Marketing

It’s no secret that digital disruptions are changing the way we live and work. What isn't so clear is how digital disruption will start to affect small boutiques as online sales steadily increase. Does the small boutique stand a chance against larger competitors? Understanding Digital Disruption When a new technology fundamentally changes the … [Read more...]

Small Business Copywriting is about Who is Buying, not Who is Selling

Small business copywriting is a hard nut to crack, thanks to social media. We all want to be an authority, go-to resource for our clients. This helps our brand, our SEO and our bottom line. Are you wasting your time writing for the wrong person? Brand editor Abby Kerr talks about this concept quite a bit in her various training materials. If you … [Read more...]

5 Best Practices for Using Social Media

Branding is an ongoing definition and discovery of what your business model, mission, objectives and communication methods. It is more than just a fancy company logo and slogan. Branding is a combination of experiences and trials that define what your company is and what it does. Nowadays, technology and Social Media dominate how companies … [Read more...]