Redefine Your Non-Profit Marketing Strategy for 2016

Non-profit organizations operate on high stakes. They often have wide audiences to cater to, and limited resources in which to accomplish their goals. If unsuccessful, your organization faces a threat more dire than a loss of profits: it can mean that people have less access to your life-saving product or service. A targeted marketing and … [Read more...]

6 Social Media Strategies for Engaging Customers

Have you felt your social media posts stagnate? Perhaps you are embarking on your company’s social media journey for the first time. Properly engaging your followers can be tough for businesses, especially established companies. Part of the issue is knowing how to walk the line between maintaining your professionalism while engaging on a personal … [Read more...]

How Will Consumers React To Instagram Ads?

Instagram recently announced that advertisements would soon be flooding the photostreams of their users, but how are users responding? Every ad will have a sponsored label, and Instagram is proceeding with extreme caution while implementing this new revenue stream. ABC News revealed that Instagram is only working with a select number of companies … [Read more...]

Facebook Launches Video Ads for Mobile

Facebook continues its current spree of advertising changes by recently announcing the advent of video ads on their mobile app. While these ads are currently only available to brands promoting their own mobile app, initial testing shows that these ads are highly effective. Furthermore, Facebook has added another way to pay for these ads – cost per … [Read more...]

Brands That “Get” Social Media: A Closer Look at Denny’s on Tumblr

It may come as a surprise, but Denny’s is one of those brands that really understands Tumblr. Let’s take a closer look at just what it is about Denny’s that works so well in this particular social media platform, and what the rest of us can learn from their approach. Denny’s on Tumblr: Great Content From a Surprising Place When Tumblr began … [Read more...]

Twitter + Print: Combining the New and the Old to Grow Your Business

Much of the marketing buzz on the net for the past few years surrounds using social media and content marketing to build your brand on the internet. There is definitely a reason why a great deal of content talks about social media and online marketing; online marketing is effective, trackable, reasonably priced, and provides a lot of control for … [Read more...]