Cost-Effective Social Advice for Budget-Conscious Local SEOs

By now, every local SEO knows how important it is to develop a presence on social media in order to establish authority and improve their rankings thanks to social signals. However, you can’t get your social presence started and then stop innovating. Just a little extra time each week can allow you to create a much more appealing and engaging … [Read more...]

Social Media Rules For B2B

Using social for business is nothing new. I’ve talked before, here on, about how social and sales fit together. Businesses have understood since the very advent of social media that different social outlets can be used to interact with consumers and clients, build brand awareness, and build sales. Some businesses, though, … [Read more...]

23 Things for Day One of Social Media

Your first day of social media use can be an awfully intimidating one. Maybe you've got a new business and things are already hectic enough, so you're not sure how to go about adding social media into your marketing mix. If you're not already terribly familiar with the technologies, it can be an overwhelming feat. What should you do first? Which … [Read more...]

Content Primer #3: Getting Chatty With Social Media

At this point in the content primer series, you're likely well aware that social media features heavily in most content marketing campaigns. After all, getting appropriate keywords into your copy is only half of the battle - the other is getting people to actually read it. While working on your site rankings is definitely key, it's always good to … [Read more...]

Social Media Content Writing Consolidation

Social media content writing is a specialty of ours at, and we have seen what works, as well as what doesn't work.  One thing we've learned is that a significant key to successful content management is consolidation, and that means consolidation on multiple levels. Jenny at Social Strategy1 writes an interesting piece on the … [Read more...]

Bringing Live Support to Facebook

Facebook is well known as a major marketing resource, but it is often overlooked as a customer service tool.  And although social media content writing is incredibly important, client satisfaction should take priority over marketing endeavors.  After all, your marketing is wasted if you can't hold onto your customers! When it comes to customer … [Read more...]