How to Create Great Video Content if You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

It’s no secret that video has a prominent place on the modern marketer’s list of priorities. As the numbers continue to roll in on the incredible returns businesses enjoy from integrating video tech into their marketing strategies, savvy business execs look to get in on the action. The question now becomes: can a small business create profitable … [Read more...]

6 Social Media Strategies for Engaging Customers

Have you felt your social media posts stagnate? Perhaps you are embarking on your company’s social media journey for the first time. Properly engaging your followers can be tough for businesses, especially established companies. Part of the issue is knowing how to walk the line between maintaining your professionalism while engaging on a personal … [Read more...]

Your Marketing Formulas Will Fail: Finding Flexibility

Generally speaking, digital marketing agencies advertise in one of two ways: “we work with you” and “our approach always works!” The former is an excellent sign because the marketing agency wants to personalize your digital marketing strategy for a target demographic. It is willing to build a custom template for your company. The latter is … [Read more...]

To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag: Challenges With Social Media’s Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Hashtags pose a unique set of problems for the marketing world. While they have the ability to unite people for a common cause, they also hold destructive power when used out of context. Several large companies have experienced severe pushback from the social media world through marketing campaigns centered on the use of a sponsored hashtag. … [Read more...]

Personifying Your Brand: The Use of Brand Mascots on Social Media

One social media marketing strategy that has grown in popularity is the use of fictional brand mascots to personify brands. But are brand mascots effective tools on social media, and should your brand have one? Studies show that brand mascots do resonate with customers, inspiring them to engage in conversation and share content. Mascots such as Flo … [Read more...]

Can Your Marketing Plan Keep Up with Evolving Social Media?

Facebook is turning ten years old, but this forerunner in social networking isn’t showing its age. Instead, the site has celebrated with a new feature – “look back” videos that offer a glimpse into an individual’s past on the site. This “look back” is just another way that Facebook is looking forward and taking other social media platforms with … [Read more...]