The Relationship Between Social & Content Marketing

Content marketing and social media are a match made in heaven. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship – while each one is strong individually, they can create a powerhouse together. Toby Murdock summarizes the two individual marketing styles nicely in a piece written for the Content Marketing Institute. In it, he notes that social media marketing … [Read more...]

Content Primer #3: Getting Chatty With Social Media

At this point in the content primer series, you're likely well aware that social media features heavily in most content marketing campaigns. After all, getting appropriate keywords into your copy is only half of the battle - the other is getting people to actually read it. While working on your site rankings is definitely key, it's always good to … [Read more...]

Social Media Writing And You – Literally “You”

Social media writing is blogged and webinar'd and commented on often these days - and for good reason. There's a lot of benefits to getting into social media and using it as a means to propagate your business endeavors; namely, getting out there on Twitter or Facebook is entirely free.  The use of social media as a marketing measure has incredible … [Read more...]

7 Quick Social Media Writing Tips

It’s 2012 and social media writing shouldn’t be a burden anymore. Whether you are knee deep in a full-scale social media campaign or just getting launched, here are seven super quick tips about how to write for social media: 1 – Have a block party. The most active and engaged twitter followers have thousands of follows. Feel free to send three … [Read more...]