Marketing for Your Brick-and-Mortar Store, Part II: Why You Should Avoid Digital Sharecropping

Most business owners know that the brick-and-mortar market is more vulnerable than it used to be. We’re officially in the age of e-commerce, and it seems that no one – not even giants like Toys"R"Us – are immune to the threat of extinction. However, there’s a bright point in all the doom and gloom: Millennials, who represent the largest portion of … [Read more...]

What These 4 Celebrities Can Teach Us About Reputation Management

Ah, celebrities. Why do we love to hate them? If you’re like me, you take guilty peeks into the latest People magazine (Celebrities! They’re just like us!) while standing in line at the grocery store. And sometimes those magazines fall onto the conveyor belt for purchase. No? Well, me neither. And I absolutely do not have the full Bachelor issue … [Read more...]

Nemo on the Way, How Will Social Media Help?

Turn on the television and you might think you're having déjà vu. Memories of the terrible storm Sandy aren't far off in the minds of many on the east coast, and now a new storm is on the way. Winter storm Nemo is set to start dumping tons of snow and bring heavy winds Friday and into Saturday. What sort of role will social media play during this … [Read more...]

Integrating Social Strategy for SEO Benefits

If you manage or maintain a website, then you know how vital SEO can be in driving up your web traffic. This year saw some big changes to Google's search algorithms, calling for an updated and more involved approach to SEO. Google now incorporates social media rankings as well as regularly updated, relevant content into its search algorithm. This … [Read more...]

From Your Smartphone to Your Wall: Instaprints Turns Instagram Into Custom Art

If you’ve ever used the super-popular smartphone app Instagram on your iPhone or Android device, you’ve probably seen them before: pictures that really make you say “Wow!”  With the rise of digital photography and camera-enabled smartphones, DIY photography and image processing is the leading business source for the photography industry. It only … [Read more...]