A Holiday Tech Gift Guide for 2013

Each year, everyone is looking for the gift-giving trend that will dominate the holiday season. This year, Experian unsurprisingly reported that tech gadgets are expected to be the gift of the year. Gadgets such as the Xbox One, the iPhone 5S, and the Kindle Fire HD were near the top of the list. I’m going to skip over some of these more familiar … [Read more...]

The Graphic Design Appeal of iOS7

The release of Apple’s iOS7 has unleashed a fury of commentary and interest from novice users and iPhone experts alike. Differing drastically from iOS6, iOS7’s graphic design promises something entirely new for Apple product users. Trusting in the technical skills of their customers, Apple has released a platform that is both visually appealing … [Read more...]

FAA to (Maybe) Rethink Tech Ban on Planes

I have traveled quite a bit over the course of my (relatively short) existence on this planet. Spending so much time in the airport, I have heard all manner of complaints about air travel. From the size of the seats to the quality of the food, airplanes bring out the whiner in each and every one of us. The Worst Thing about Air Travel Of all the … [Read more...]

New App Klamr Wants to Provide All-In-One Service

Another new app is on the market: Klamr is a multi-function app intended to integrate messaging with social planning and other relevant functions. Much like KeWe, the new social media app by Taio Cruz, Klamr combines features from a variety of popular social media apps on the market. As social media experts note, the most popular apps are those … [Read more...]

Is Fake Web Traffic Costing You Money?

Dr. Paul Barford, a computer science professor at the University of Wisconsin, announced this month that fake web traffic could be a much bigger problem than anyone thought. Dr. Barford is also the Chief Scientist at MdotLabs, a startup company, and presented his findings at an Internet Security Symposium in Washington DC last week. The Cost of … [Read more...]

Google Now: What Does Predictive Search Mean for You?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Google Now by now. Although Google’s latest search innovation has been around for over a year, it managed to fly a little under the radar until the release of the app for iOS this spring. Here’s a quick refresher in case you’ve somehow missed the details. Google Now is basically a magical assistant with a goal of … [Read more...]