How to Trump Political Biases (and Others) in Your Content

  Writing objectively isn’t always easy – especially if the content surrounds hot-button issues like the upcoming presidential election or religious values. If you’re going to be a content writer, however, you have to learn to rise above biases and personal opinion. Subjective Content Can Sneak up on You It’s probably easy for you to … [Read more...]

Getting the Best Results: Why US-Based Content Writing Matters

The birth of the digital world and the mass move onto the internet has created a huge need for specialized content written on a wide variety of topics, but the best work comes from US based content writing services like We know that there are plenty of individuals from all parts of the globe offering their writing, but the … [Read more...]

Writing Well on the Web, 5 Simple Points

While written content for the web follows many of the same rules and guidelines for written content, the nature of how people read while viewing online content is different from the way people read content that is in print form.  Accordingly, taking into account the particular nature of writing on the web can greatly increase your content’s … [Read more...]

A How-to Guide for Internet Writing

Writing for the internet has become a fine art, but that doesn’t make it impossible.  One of the important things to remember is how to keep people’s attention.  By keeping the writing lively and making it easy to skim, internet readers stay in touch with the subject. They might even learn something new. One of the difficult parts about internet … [Read more...]


The savvy business owner may hesitate at hiring outside help – after all, most businesses have employees that are perfectly capable with word processing programs and the English language alike.  Outsourcing for web content may seem frivolous to you, or even downright unnecessary. However, have you ever heard the phrase, “penny wise, but pound … [Read more...]