How Much Should You Really Be Spending on Content Marketing?

Content is the basis for all online activity, but many marketing budgets fail to effectively address the monetary investment or return of content assets. Pinpointing dollar amounts can be difficult, but you only need a rough plan to see the real ROI of investing in high quality writing, video, and visual content. Why Tie a Dollar Value to … [Read more...]

Even Hot Dog Carts Need Websites Nowadays

Websites need to be continually updated. Recent increases in mobile use makes 2015 something of a milestone for online companies. Surprisingly, there are still thousands of small businesses without any online presence. Another large percentage of small businesses have failed to keep their websites updated. 50% of small businesses have seen … [Read more...]

Google’s New One Second Timetable

How long does it take for your mobile page to load? 7, 8, 9 seconds? More? The average mobile site currently takes over 7 seconds to load, but Google wants to get those numbers way down. One second. Is it plausible? It may sound extreme, but all that Google is really asking for is a small amount of “above the fold” content that can load in … [Read more...]

Why You Must Optimize Your Content for Tablets

NBCNews reported recently that one third of all American adults now own a tablet. Among college graduates, the percentage of adults that own a tablet is quickly approaching two-thirds. In fact, tablet users now drive more internet traffic than smartphone users, which goes to show you just how prevalent tablet computing has become. If you have not … [Read more...]

9 Creative Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

Perhaps you’re a regular blogger, but are you really doing everything in your power to increase organic traffic to your site? Check out these eight creative ways you can start earning more website traffic. #1 Schema markups. Have you ever searched for a recipe and seen a picture of the dish just below the page title? Maybe you’ve noticed stars … [Read more...]

Put Your Copy on a Treadmill: 3 Slim & Trim Tactics

In early silent films, the “chase scene” was a tried-and-true tactic for extending film length. It was also the main reason many viewers paid to go to the theater. A dawdling screenwriter or director might be told, “Cut to the chase!” – literally – by splicing the reel to abruptly introduce the chase scene. Here are three ways you can cut to the … [Read more...]