Ramen Noodles for Dinner – Terrible Personal Habits of Writers

We've all heard about the personal habits of successful salesmen, entrepreneurs, and just about any other kind of profession. "A positive attitude and persistence!" is what we're told makes a great salesman. Heck, I'm sure most of us even know the habits of successful writers, like reading and writing every day, finding solitude, and being … [Read more...]

WordPress Adds New Social Media Integration Tool

In a past post, I talked about how WordPress may be poised to take over the web. With about 19% of the Internet running on WordPress-based websites, WordPress represents a huge user base. Now, WordPress has launched a new feature that both improves their social media integration and takes over a service that a third party app was previously … [Read more...]

That’s Not What I Said: Transcription Errors In Dragon NaturallySpeaking

When it comes to voice transcription, the most widely used software on the market is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Dragon Systems first began offering continuous voice transcription software in 1997 and has been constantly improving the fluency and accuracy of their system ever since, with Dragon NaturallySpeaking now in its 19th iteration, including … [Read more...]

A Shortlist of Great Google Reader Replacements

If you’re anything like me, it was a pretty sad day when you opened Google Reader and saw a pop-up that informed you that it would no longer be available after July 1, 2013. I am super dependent on Google Reader to keep me up to date on everything that happens in the world of SEO. As a result, I have been feverishly hunting for a replacement. I … [Read more...]

Five Books to Help You Get Organized

Organization is crucial to making sure your business can meet your clients’ needs with a small staff and limited time. As a full time student who works from home, I used to get overwhelmed with the different deadlines, requirements, and pieces of paper. Now that I have a system, it is a lot easier to sit down and work without wasting 15 minutes … [Read more...]

37 Tools That Will Make You A Better Writer

Writing skills lie at the heart of web marketing. Being a good writer is essential for creating your own website content, and excellent writing abilities will help you think more critically and come up with new content more consistently in the long-term. Here is a list of 37 tools that will improve your content writing abilities. The Basics: … [Read more...]